GTA04 USB OVP, USB charger detect, USB-OTG & 6400, earjack DL_GSM, JTAG

joerg at joerg at
Sun Apr 27 14:35:03 CEST 2008

Hi Werner, Andy!
On Friday 11:00 GTA04-hw meeting, following topics left to discuss with you 

o- I suggest PTC-fuse&crowbar USB OVP like attached sketch. Component values 
and exact types to be decided upon by Allen/hw team - just suggestion in my 

o- detect USB charger: should we try to detect D+/D- short? Can we detect 
47kR-ID-Pin with 6400 or do we need additional hw to handle this?

o- what do we need additional hw for 6400 USB-OTG (charge pump, OVP, 

o- DL_GSM issue: get rid of dual usage of earjack. Do we need external flash 
option, or are "internal" testpoints lis FLUID enough? IF we need dual usage 
earjack, maybe replace electronic switching via DL_GSM by miniature 
mechanical DIP-switch?

o- JTAG: Is this consens to have 6400 - 430 chain split to configure either 
chain or separate access via jumpers / 0R, just for the prototype?
Allen suggests to have dual debug board setup for split config.

o- For prototype(?) the debug-connector sums up to connect JTAG CPU, JTAG MPU, 
CPU UART (console), GSM UART.

o- are we going to have Samsung evaluation boards or make them ourselves?

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