GTA04 USB OVP, USB charger detect, USB-OTG & 6400, earjack DL_GSM, JTAG

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Mon Apr 28 12:49:49 CEST 2008

Andy Green schrieb:
> |>> ... but
> |>> what we need is the FTDI chip on there with USB connection of its
> own to
> |>> drive the CPU JTAG and provide console.
> |> Yup. I don't think we want to invent any new debug connector. If
> |> there's anything else we need, we're better off if this goes to
> |> test points and then a fixture.
> OK.
> | Just for he cnvenience of our sw-engineers who are going to use this
> | thing as a evaluation board eventually, I think we have to find at least
> | one method to do flash and JTAG, that's not involving a fixture.
> Yes it is even part of the spec to allow flash and JTAG from this
> secondary USB connector via FTDI chip.  So we should focus on proving
> this working and then using it ourselves for validation of the prototype
> and also production test.

Fine. So I should learn about this FTDI thing, I never seen any circuit
diagram nor any datasheet nor detailed descriptions on the way it works.
Probably should try to find me a debug board for my GTA02 anyway ;-)
For now it doesn't seem to me like this spec to have FTDI for 04 is
widespread common knowledge.
BTW: what exactly are the specs of GTA04, or more exactly where to find
them - wiki? What i find here is quite bare. E.G LEDs - nr of, color etc.


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