using kboot for booting

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Tue Apr 29 05:11:30 CEST 2008

Hi Werner:
i am the new software engineer  live in Beijing.

when i google KBOOT
the first web is : )
and i read you plan carefully and i  started to make my own plan base on

if we  focus on the freerunner or both of freerunner and  neo1973?

Werner wrote:
>So the boot process with kboot is as follows:

>- firmware initializes the basic hardware
>- first-stage boot loader loads the kboot Linux system (kernel with
>- kboot decides what to do and retrieves the files necessary
 (kernel, initrd, etc.)
>- kboot uses kexec to boot the real system

so my first step is study  the first-stage boot loader,
and modify the first-stage boot loader to boot the kboot!
and second step  is modify the kboot  to Initialize neo hardware!

may be you can give me some advice about study first-stage boot loader.

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> See (I wrote it ;-)
> - Werner

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