using kboot for booting

Sean Chiang sean_chiang at
Tue Apr 29 09:55:34 CEST 2008

> So I'd make this the first two tasks:
> 1) develop the NAND first-stage loader on GTA02, then adapt the
>    low-level kernel init code

I'm doing this, digging code from uboot. I already done this on gta01 a 
few months ago, 2.3kb and
no nand support, uart is the only interface.

-Sean Chiang
> 2) bring up kboot user space on a GTA02 and start integration there
>    (i.e., make sure the network comes up, that kboot finds the
>    configuration files in the rootfs, and all that)
> Point 2) is less time-critical. When 1) is done, one can already boot
> into Linux, just the handling of the system is a bit quirky. After this
> initial obstacle is mastered, work can be very smooth and incremental.
> If you think both can work together very closely, basically in "two
> developers, one screen" mode, then that might help to get the low-level
> init right. As I said, there are lots of nasty little details there,
> scattered over the 2442, the PMU, and the circuit around them, and four
> eyes see more than two. They'll also have to get very intimate with
> JTAG and all this.
> - Werner

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