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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
|> Please, before we start to mux UARTs again, and get real bad headache
|> like on GTA01
| Yeah, I also don't particularly like this. We've been bitten before
| by this sort of multiplexing. Granted, it's more contained in this
| case than on GTA01.

Yeah, muxing something like that needs an excuse rather than getting
waved through.  However the two modes are very distinct, you are either
blowing flash in MSP430 or you are seeing Linux console traffic, and the
modality is controlled by and affects only the FTDI interface.

|> JTAG is designed _exactly_ to be chained up like this, no risk at all
in hw,
| That's what I thought as well - before I learned the truth of what
| TI have done to JTAG :-( Here's the thread on openocd-development:

And indeed it was I that proposed tying them together from the start by
JTAG.  We all agree all things being equal we should have them both on
one scanchain.  But they ain't equal.

Like Joerg says we need an eval board and write the applets to blow
flash, etc.

- -Andy
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