Testing 2.6.26 on a GTA01

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at cesarb.net
Sun Aug 3 01:36:36 CEST 2008

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Cesar Eduardo Barros escreveu:
> To see if I can base my cpufreq work on 2.6.26, I compiled a 2.6.26 
> kernel and successfully booted it both on both qemu and a real GTA01Bv4.
> I haven't tested the peripheral chips (GSM, BT, GPS); however, sound 
> works (this defconfig has everything built-in instead of using modules, 
> which is much better than having sound as a module).

I have now tested GSM and SD.

GSM: works fine, could dial to the landline, gsmd didn't crash at all 
(which surprised me)
SD: doesn't work at all. No SD or MMC messages on the dmesg (other than 
the WLAN ones which were already there). I haven't used the SD card for 
a while, but I'm almost sure I put it in correctly. Probably there's 
something missing on defconfig-2.6.26.

BT is harder to test (the GUI doesn't have any bluetooth programs other 
than the power control AFAIK), and GPS is impossible to test right now 
(I can't get the first fix inside my home, I have to go outside; since I 
erased the rootfs, this will be a first fix).

Cesar Eduardo Barros
cesarb at cesarb.net
cesar.barros at gmail.com

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