Testing 2.6.26 on a GTA01

Mike (mwester) mwester at dls.net
Sun Aug 3 20:15:05 CEST 2008

Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:
> Cesar Eduardo Barros escreveu:
>> I recall gllin needed compability symlinks in the past [...]
> And, indeed, the compability symlink code was broken. I made a pair of
> patches which fixes it (the first one adds a hook to the driver model,
> to avoid the layering violation which broke the code last time; the
> second one uses it).
> With both patches, I can get a NMEA stream on the gllin log (no fix,
> however, since I'm indoors and don't have a first fix yet).
> I will reply to this email with the patches.

Addressed to the Openmoko folks:

Is there TRULY no way we can get the gllin stuff re-issued with the
links fixed?  Is the issue that nobody has time, or have relations with
Broadcom on this software been severed entirely?

As another possibility, can someone at least see if there's any
possibility that OM can do a re-release of the gllin package with a
binary edit that would change the paths it uses?  Even if we just change
"/sys/..." to "/gps/..." or "/gllin-hack/..." or anything OM would like,
we could have the package installer create that tree on the local
filesystem, and put a sym link to the correct place for that kernel.

That's one less set of kernel patches that would have to be maintained.

Mike (mwester)

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