Testing 2.6.26 on a GTA01

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at cesarb.net
Mon Aug 4 02:19:26 CEST 2008

Holger Freyther escreveu:
> On Sunday 03 August 2008 17:59:02 Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:
>> I knew they made a difference on 2.6.24, so I put them on the 2.6.26
>> defconfig before even compiling it. In fact, I copied these three
>> changes from a file called fix-defconfig-gta01.patch from some OE
>> recipe. I really have no idea if they actually are needed for 2.6.26
>> (but they wouldn't hurt on a GTA01, which is what I'm testing on, so...).
> Well, I'm interested in fixing root causes. We do not have lowlevel debugging 
> enabled on the config. So setting these UARTs to 0,1,2,3,..., 255 shouldn't 
> make any difference. If it does we have something to fix and should put 
> #ifdef WHATEVER_LOW_LEVEL_DE... around these users?
> so what difference does it make on 2.6.24 and 2.6.26? I would be very happy if 
> defconfig-2.6.2x would work for gta01 out of the box but I need someone's 
> help to make that happen.

I updated to the latest stable-2.6.26 and took the opportunity to try 
with a clean defconfig-2.6.26 (since CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_DEBUG has 
now been disabled on it). It hangs on the very first line ("Starting 
kernel..." IIRC). However, the hang didn't happen on qemu; only on the 
real hardware.

Changing both variables back to =0 made it work again.

I haven't tested on 2.6.24.

Cesar Eduardo Barros
cesarb at cesarb.net
cesar.barros at gmail.com

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