USB ID for GTA03

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Aug 5 09:15:44 CEST 2008

matt_hsu wrote:
> How about configure the USB vendor/product IDs as 0x1d50, 0x511e
> respectively for gta03?

We don't actually need to change this. The protocol and most of the
functionality stays the same. Also, GTA01 and GTA02 share the same
product IDs, and GTA03 will be very similar to GTA02.

Vendor/product IDs are often (incorrectly) used to identify specific
functions, so if we don't change the numbers, this means that all the
people who are blessed with systems that need vendor/product IDs to
be explicitly declared before they can use them on generic devices,
can just use the GTA02 setup.

There is the further complication that the IDs are also hard-coded on
the kernel side. This will already be a major problem when merging
our code upstream, and adding even more variants would just make it

So I would just leave all those numbers unchanged.

- Werner

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