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Fri Aug 8 15:04:01 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| This is nothing but a repost of the following patches, with the patches
| themselves added as attachments to ensure whitespace remains untouched.
| (I'd normally do this in-line for easier review, but they've already
| been posted in-line so attachments seem the most expeditious way at
| present).
| [PATCH 1/3] GTA01 fixes for stable
| [PATCH 2/3] GTA01 fixes for stable
| [PATCH 3/3] GTA01 fixes for stable
| [PATCH 1/1] Add Minimal GSM flowcontrol functionality
| [PATCH 1/1] GTA01/GTA02 enable serial log entry when a data error occurs
| [PATCH 1/1] GTA01 - silence the console when GSM is enabled

OK that lot are on stable, I rebased andy and debug too.  Thanks again
for the patches.

I added some checkpatch fixes (which includes one of my lines too),
posted here separately.

The patchset on debug shrank after these were already applied and I
confirmed the result built OK.  So unless we blew something up...

- -Andy
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