[PATCH 1/1] Add Minimal GSM flowcontrol functionality

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at cesarb.net
Sat Aug 9 01:18:29 CEST 2008

Mike (mwester) escreveu:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Thanks for the patch Mike but something bad seems to have happened to
>> the whitespace in your tree.  Did you change editor?  All of the tabs
>> have been replaced with spaces in the files you are working on.
> :(   The problem is on my end.  I tried a Thunderbird plugin that
> selectively disables line-wrapping; but it seems that it didn't work as
> I thought it would.

What I do is to use git-send-email to send patches. Saves me from having 
to reconfigure Thunderbird every time (to disable and reenable the 
flowed format).

Cesar Eduardo Barros
cesarb at cesarb.net
cesar.barros at gmail.com

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