White Screen Of Death (gta02)

Mike (mwester) mwester at dls.net
Sat Aug 9 07:39:19 CEST 2008

Ok, one more try -- I disabled the abort suspend code in the suspend
handler in neo1973_pm_gsm.c, leaving only the late suspend abort code --
I figured that should let all the drivers do whatever they need before
the suspend gets aborted.

Didn't work.  But the trace is interesting.  It did the white-screen
thing, and I had to ssh in again. "apm -s" reported busy.  Apparently
the user-space apm stuff hadn't run its resume scripts in
/etc/apm/resume.d, because the GSM was still flowcontrolled.  No
problem, that shouldn't affect anything...  so I did the "echo 0" thing
to release the flow-control on the GSM manually...

...and the device immediately began to print suspend messages (I think
this is Andy's debug code) with the final messages ending rather badly
with an oops in glamo_resume.

So it seems that holding the GSM flowcontrolled may have some
side-effects on the S3C2440 (although I think it more likely that
releasing flowcontrol may have just triggered an interrupt to service
the UARTs, or done something in the drivers).  I'll investigate that

Hopefully this will offer some clues for someone?

Mike (mwester)
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