[PATCH] always call resume dependencies

Mike (mwester) mwester at dls.net
Mon Aug 11 18:26:58 CEST 2008

Attached is a patch that has greatly reduced the frequency of failures
to resume (due to an oops from the glamo resume handler), and the
dreaded "white screen after resume".  I can't say that it fixes all of
these, although I have yet to see the white-screen since applying this
patch and suspending/resuming several hundred times (with the 30-second
suspend on the 2008.8 image and the endless stream of GSM error messages
generated by something in that image, it has proved to be very useful to
do an automated stress test!)

This patch will apply to stable, and should make stable slightly more,
well, "stable".

[Feel free to remove the debug messages if someone feels strongly about
that; I left them in because I think they might be useful in triaging
further crashes; I'm not at all convinced that this patch will fix all
the cases of resume failures.]

[[And, yes, this is ugly, really ugly.]]

[[[Oh yeah - there's still one extreme case that will result in an oops:
 if a dependent driver is built as a module, and it is unloaded, and it
happened that the preceding suspend/resume was aborted, and that abort
happened between the dependent driver and the driver upon which it is
dependent, then a list entry will be left behind referencing the
unloaded module.  There's just no good way to fix that given the way the
resume dependency plumbing is connected up right now, so just avoid
using modules for any of the drivers involved in the resume dependency

Mike (mwester)
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