[PATCH 00/15] KBOOT boots NAND kernel

xiangfu xiangfu at openmoko.org
Wed Aug 13 07:39:50 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> xiangfu wrote:
>> i try
>> --git clone http://git.openmoko.org/git/kboot-stage1.git
>> and it not get the Andy's  patch.
> You almost got it right :-) It's
> git clone git://git.openmoko.org/git/kboot-stage1.git
>           ===
> - Werner
now i use openocd i get these error message, did i miss something.
xiangfu at xiangfu-laptop:~$ sudo openocd
Info:    openocd.c:93 main(): Open On-Chip Debugger (2007-09-05 09:00 CEST)
Error:   jtag.c:1301 jtag_examine_chain(): number of discovered devices 
in JTAG chain (578) doesn't match configuration (1)
Error:   jtag.c:1302 jtag_examine_chain(): check the config file and 
ensure proper JTAG communication (connections, speed, ...)
Error:   jtag.c:1440 jtag_init(): trying to validate configured JTAG 
chain anyway...
Error:   jtag.c:1357 jtag_validate_chain(): Error validating JTAG scan 
chain, IR mismatch, scan returned 0x01
Error:   embeddedice.c:181 embeddedice_build_reg_cache(): unknown 
EmbeddedICE version (comms ctrl: 0x00000000)
Warning: telnet_server.c:545 telnet_init(): no telnet port specified, 
using default port 4444

i also use dfu-kboot(write by andy) download kboot to "u-boot" partition.
when i start the GTA02 ,it 's AUX LED always blink and screen go to 
light. it do not boot ,
is there something with my GTA02. or which step i am wrong.

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