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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi Andy,
| I tried the your patches for kboot on GTA03_EVB. It seems to work.

Well, it's a good start.

| But here comes an issue, that's, how to program kboot/kernel/rootfs on
| kboot?
| Previously, we use DFU to upgrade everything. One solution is to add the
| support of DFU in kboot.

DFU is broken / evil / for special situations only anyway, consider the
case that a user updates kernel image by DFU but we didn't update the
modules.  For the end user case, they need to be guided to the packages.
~ And for GTA03, those packages will update to the SD Card.

| Then use a key-pressing signal (like AUX key) to let switch DFU mode.
| Anyway, we need a easy approach to let HW people to replace kernel/rootfs.

There are two kernels and rootfs images in play here.  One is the old
style NAND thing, this we can call "backup kernel + rootfs".  But the
other we can call "normal kernel + rootfs" and this lives on SD Card.

Either way old DFU does not have a place.

Today we only managed to get NAND kernel source working.  But, next week
we can expect to get GTA03 SD Card kernel source working.  Then we don't
have any issue from this direction because we can update kernel + rootfs
either from inside filesystem using scp or we can do it externally by
host + SD Card reader.  So a solution for easy respin of kernel and
rootfs is coming.

- -Andy
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