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xiangfu xiangfu at
Thu Aug 14 04:32:10 CEST 2008

Lynn Nguyen wrote:
> Hi, use I did use "sudo modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x1457 product=0x5118" but
> that doesn't work either.
> Tony-- what did you mean by puting the lib binary in the same folder? same
> folder as what? and which one is the lib binary?
> xiangfu, do you think you could tell me the steps you use to make everything
> work? Like where you got the binaries and everything? Thanks!
i use UBUNTU 8.04

1. sudo apt-get install openocd
2. sudo apt-get install libftdi0
3. download the openocd.cfg (attachment)
    i put it in ~/ (home directory) so every time i run "sudo openocd"  
cd this directory or you will get
    Info:    openocd.c:93 main(): Open On-Chip Debugger (2007-09-05 
09:00 CEST)
    Error:   configuration.c:121 parse_config_file(): couldn't open 
config file

4. if the openocd normal run then display something like:
   Info:    openocd.c:93 main(): Open On-Chip Debugger (2007-09-05 09:00 
   Warning: telnet_server.c:545 telnet_init(): no telnet port specified, 
using default port 4444

5. open another terminal " telnet localhost 4444"  then we get a shell .

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