Approach to update kboot/kernel/rootfs

matt_hsu matt_hsu at
Thu Aug 14 08:26:26 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Today we only managed to get NAND kernel source working.  But, next week
>> we can expect to get GTA03 SD Card kernel source working.
> Yup, and then the final missing piece will be to make sure "kboot"
> can run from RAM when loaded through JTAG. Thus the devirgination
> sequence becomes:
> - insert SD card with Linux kernel and rootfs
> - load "kboot" over JTAG
> - boot from SD card
Well, this sounds good. But it seems that we need to keep test points 
for SDIO.
This is reserved for *production* usage entirely if we want the 
devirgination looks like this.
As I know, PCB space is limited now. We need to let HW/PE people know 
this in advance.

> - system on SD card copies "kboot" and anything else we want there
>   to NAND
> - after that, you can update the NAND just from Linux, much like
>   we do in FINAL
> BTW, DFU may still have a future: if we get a USB-capable MPU that
> doesn't already come with a USB firmware loader, DFU would be quite
> handy for that.
> - Werner

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