Approach to update kboot/kernel/rootfs

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Aug 14 12:06:15 CEST 2008

matt_hsu wrote:
> Well, this sounds good. But it seems that we need to keep test points  
> for SDIO.

Yes, being able to just have the SD card in the test fixture is
an option that's desirable for production. (Even if we currently
don't use this.)

Speaking of test fixtures, it would also be good to revive Milosch's
"PCB test fixture" idea. The idea being to use a common PCB with pogo
pins for all test fixtures, instead of the manually crafted plexiglass
sculptures, specific to each production step, that we use today.

(We'll still need this sort of plexiglass constructions for the
mechanical contact, but at least the electrical side should be a
modular board we can easily produce in numbers of a few dozen units.
Then site where somebody does something related to the production
process can have a fixture or two, and we can all share the same

- Werner

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