What is the purpose of fix-EVIOCGRAB-semantics.patch ??

Neil Brown neilb at suse.de
Thu Aug 21 13:12:08 CEST 2008

On Thursday August 21, neilb at suse.de wrote:
> I can confirm that it works on FSO.
> I'll try Qtopia but I've been assured that it should work - it just
> uses tslib too.

Yes, definitely works on Qtopia too.
The only users of the touchpad are the core Qtopia libraries, and
Qtopia doesn't seem to care.
hald-addon-keyboard does test for BTN_TOUCH at one point, and if it is
available it sets the "input.tablet" capability.
I don't really know how that is used, but it doesn't seem to affect

However I have discovered that "neod" has

and 0x14a is BTN_TOUCH.  neod beeps for you whenever it gets this
So that would need to be fixed to respond to either BTN_TOUCH or
Ideally it should probably beep on any button from BTN_MISC up to 
 KEY_OK - 1

This is turning out to be slightly more awkward than I hoped, but I
still think it is the right direction.

Obviously the kernel list isn't the place to be talking about
modifying neod (and tslib).  Would "devel at ..." be the right place or
is there somewhere better?


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