Openmoko Bug #1802: Suspend/resume corrupts SD card's partition table

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Fri Aug 22 19:39:55 CEST 2008

#1802: Suspend/resume corrupts SD card's partition table
 Reporter:  montgoss         |        Owner:  openmoko-kernel
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Comment(by polarbaer):

 I have the same problem with a 8GB SanDisk-card, even when the 2008.8 is
 installed on the micro-SC. Since I have a Qtopia in the flash (to have a
 stable phone) I backed up the partitiontable via
 dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/home/root/backup.img bs=512 count=1
 and put the restore-command
 dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 if=/home/root/backup.img bs=512 count=1
 to any bootup-script in Qtopia, in my case to the top of:
 so it fixes itself once I boot my Qtopia.

 Not a fix, but at least a very bloody workaround.

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