some question about NAND partitions with QI

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Tue Aug 26 04:59:17 CEST 2008

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i am not sure about the nand partitions so i write it down, if i am
wrong, correct me. thanks.

is this the final nand partitions with kboot:

 qi     kboot           backup kernel and rootfs              normal
kernel and rootfs
      here is cmdline for normal kernel  we can put kboot kernel cmdline
in qi. like now Andy do.

i think we can just let QI know the kboot and the normal kernel in NAND,
and let kboot do "boot from SD", "boot from NFS" etc.

i want add some code let QI handle user indication, for choose kboot or
normal system.
i can test this use boot from SD or boot from NAND in current QI.

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> There still a few pieces we need in the first-stage loader, namely:
> - a way to switch between "normal" and "recovery" mode. This could
>   be something like pressing down on the touch screen at reset time
>   or holding down AUX or POWER for long enough, <-----------we can use this, but i have no idea about how to handle this. i need some advice .
> 	void figleaf(void)
> 	{
> 		init_hardware();
> 		load_nand_kernel();
> 		if (power_button_is_pressed()) 
> 			load_sd_kernel();
> 		start_kernel();
> 	}
>   We haven't discussed yet what would be the best way to enter the
>   recovery mode on GTA02 (and later GTA03). Any opinions ?
>   Some thoughts:
>   - AUX would make this similar to what u-boot currently does and it's
>     very easy to probe.
>   - POWER would remove the overloading of AUX but it's harder to access.
>     (In HXD8, we use POWER to access the u-boot boot menu, and this
>     feels like a natural way to do this - actually better than what we
>     currently have in GTA01/GTA02.)
>   - The touch screen would be an input we haven't used at boot time yet.
>     Not sure if we should.
> - setting the NAND write-protect lock of GTA03. We need to decide on
>   when to set it, and how to signal that it shouldn't be set.
>   The radically simple approach: replicate the GTA02 situation and
>   always set it. Someone who has a debug board can catch the boot
>   loader before the lock is set and thus write to NAND.
>   The artsy approach: bring up a grid on the screen and let users
>   enter some unlocking code.
>   Opinions ? There's no hurry - we have time to think about this one.
>> then the first-stage have a name "figleaf" ?
> Do you like it ? Anyone opposed ? :)
> - Werner
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