Regression on U-boot without batery [was: u-boot low-battery handling]

Mike Montour mail at
Tue Aug 26 06:45:03 CEST 2008

Joerg Reisenweber wrote:

> Powered via  (this particular) 100/500mA USB-Host, none of both U_Boot would 
> boot without battery. Though it's happily working on linux without GSM just 
> on USB-power, after boot with battery.

I have had some success (not all the time) running under Linux with USB 
power and no battery, but I had to turn off the charger through "echo 0 
 > /sys/.../chgmode" as well as turning off GSM.

I have also found that WiFi stops working when the battery is removed, 
but it recovers when I re-insert the battery.

>> or to apply the patch from my first email  
>> to your NAND u-boot.
> If you point me to a kernel-image I might flash with dfu-util, I for sure will 
> try what I find with this one. is the u-boot 
image that I'm currently using (stable git branch + my patch from last 

>> My FR is a GTA02v5 with datecode 20080619 and it will not power up at 
>> all without a battery (due to the "small SYS capacitor" mentioned 
>> above?) so I can't test this scenario.
> You tried with OM USB power supply, and (factory) NOR-boot?

Yes. I just get a few clicks, no LEDs or other signs of life.

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