some question about NAND partitions with QI

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Tue Aug 26 09:57:19 CEST 2008

xiangfu wrote:
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> Andy Green wrote:
>> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> | i am not sure about the nand partitions so i write it down, if i am
>> | wrong, correct me. thanks.
>> |
>> | is this the final nand partitions with kboot:
>> |
>> |  qi     kboot           backup kernel and rootfs              normal
>> | kernel and rootfs
>> |
>> |---|--|----------------|----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------***|
>> |      ^
>> |       here is cmdline for normal kernel  we can put kboot kernel cmdline
>> | in qi. like now Andy do.
>> We can't exactly do the kboot commandline thing because we have a
>> commandline that changes according to boot source now.  I think we get
>> away without using this cmdline partition concept.
> is that mean the QI must deal with  two commandline
> one is for kboot kernel
    I think Andy's saying is to add extra structure in board_api_info 
such as

    .commandline = ""
    .alt_commandline = ""

    Qi can detect the external events such as AUX key pressing to select 
proper commandline to pass into kernel.
> another is for normal kernel.
> and both of them easy to modify by end user?
    If we want to program the cmdline partition, you can use 
flash_erase, nand_write to modify this mtdparts.
    The problem is, do we need to provide this feature?


>> The partitioning you show is actually the default "no bad blocks"
>> existing NAND partitioning scheme for simplicity so we can boot GTA02
>> NAND kernel and rootfs from Qi.  Maybe we think some more and change it
>> as part of larger decisions around what the backup kernel and rootfs
>> must do.  But for now you have it right.
>> | i think we can just let QI know the kboot and the normal kernel in NAND,
>> | and let kboot do "boot from SD", "boot from NFS" etc.
>> Yes.
>> | i want add some code let QI handle user indication, for choose kboot or
>> | normal system.
>> | i can test this use boot from SD or boot from NAND in current QI.
>> We need to think about how we want to do it, what is your plan?  Hold
>> down a button?
> 1.  how about  hold down AUX, the same as nand uboot way.
> and Werner mention two another ways:
> Werner wrote:
>> The user indication could be the user pressing on the touch screen.
>> Or we could also load the default kernel first(whick will take a bit
>> of thime), then check if POWER is held, if yes, load and start the
>> kboot system, otherwise start the default system we've already loaded.
>> -Andy
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