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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|>> We could reduce the size of GTA03 backup rootfs and
|>> go for mounting it jffs2 in Qi, then we unify the kernel location for
|>> NAND too into being inside rootfs.
|> Heh, nice one :-) But are you sure you want to wrestle with JFFS2 ?
|> I thought you hated it too ;-)
| jffs2 has a serious startup penalty. I know you are talking about a
| small fs, but still it would be better to use romfs don't you think? you
| are talking about an initrd?

The small (few MB) jssf2 filesystems don't have any noticeable mount
penalty, so this is purely a matter of size.  Anyway we can look at it
in context of current U-Boot boot timing without convenience of jffs2
mount vs timing of Qi with it: it should still be several times faster.

It can be convenient to have writeable backup fs rather than initrd or
romfs.  For example, it may have the "forbidden statefulness" that we
force out of the bootloader, then it needs a nice way to deal with that.

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