Reusability of HDQ

matt_hsu matt_hsu at
Wed Aug 27 18:14:20 CEST 2008

Hi Andy,

As you know, I'm working on gta03.
The kernel of gt03 works just fine but boots form u-boot not qi since I
could use DFU to upgrade kernel/rootfs.

One interesting thing I found is, I can't reuse the implementation of
HDQ. HDQ driver makes gta02 specific.
And of course, gta03 will adopt coulomb counter battery as gta02 does.
It means, the reusability of HDQ is necessary for gta03.

As well as HDQ, SPI bitbang is the same thing we need to take care. But
I'm not pretty much sure do we need bitbang implementation for SPI since
G-sensor chip will be alone in gta03's design.

Please let me know you can help to optimize HDQ's implementation.



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