Openmoko Bug #1936: PIN entry should default to numeric input

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Sun Aug 31 15:42:58 CEST 2008

#1936: PIN entry should default to numeric input
 Reporter:  rost             |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel     
     Type:  defect           |         Status:  new                 
 Priority:  normal           |      Milestone:  Om2008.8            
Component:  System Software  |        Version:                      
 Severity:  major            |       Keywords:  keyboard pin numeric
Blockedby:                   |   Reproducible:  always              
 Blocking:                   |  
 I got a new Freerunner, updated to the 2008.8 release and wanted to use
 After starting up the PIN dialog presented only lower case letters. I
 think in almost all cases PINs are numeric. So it would be much more
 userfriendly, if you could default to numeric input.

 Some more rant:
 I did not see any clue how to switch to numeric input. After despairingly
 clicking around I was finally switching off my Freerunner and wanted to
 throw it away. After some googling I read all the documentation about the
 Openmoko keyboard and finally are able to use it but I really do not like
 I seriously doubt that hiding essential features behind "gestures"
 (switching input modes, whitespace, backspace) is a terrible idea and will
 make most end users hate you...

 Setting Severity to major because this bug makes the Openmoko essentially
 unusable for normal users.

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