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Sean McNeil sean at
Tue Dec 2 10:05:01 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> |> Sean McNeil wrote:
> |>
> |>> I am uploading a new rootfs.jffs as I type. It will take a few hours
> |>> with my slow connection :(
> |>>
> |>
> |> Thanks so much...
> |> What about the kernel for android? Do you have a newer version, maybe
> |> with suspend/resume fixes? :P
> |
> | Not yet. I do have a newer kernel, but there are some problems with it.
> | I'll copy it over for you. It is at
> |
> |
> |
> | if you'd like to try it out.
> Just a thought, because we as a company don't "do" source packages, we
> need to put a git head hash and the branch at least on the binary kernel
> files to direct people to the sources matching any binaries we put out.
> ~ This was on my mind when doing the fair amount of work to get history
> in tracking git branches.
> Also, what's in this kernel that isn't in andy-tracking?  We need to
> have whatever it is in our git so all our kernels do whatever it is
> Android needs -- I thought we were already there.

Yes, the hashes would be good to add. There are a few things for this 

1) The .config needs to be different. we can't, for instance, have the 
console go out to the frame buffer. It just switches like mad whenever 
there is log messages and perhaps gets confused.
2) I've included a number of drivers that are modules.
3) The recent patch to add ac power_supply is included.
4) I still have a hack to make the power button act as KEY_MENU when 
pressed/released before the 1S key interrupt.

The plan is to still eliminate the need of #4 and hopefully #3 can make 
it in. Not sure what to do about difference in .config.

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