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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Yes, the hashes would be good to add. There are a few things for this
| kernel:

Great.  The ./build script takes care of it.

| 1) The .config needs to be different. we can't, for instance, have the
| console go out to the frame buffer. It just switches like mad whenever
| there is log messages and perhaps gets confused.

Huh.  Well is it OK to have tty0 as a console alright but low loglevel?
~ By default that is the situation in Qi now and it shouldn't print
anything unless it is KERN_ERR or worse (panic / OOPS).  For syslog
stuff this is a bootloader decision told by the kernel commandline really?

| 2) I've included a number of drivers that are modules.

Fine... shortly we will have to create a "recommended distro config"
like we have on stable, the moredrivers config we have now in the
tracking branches is not intended for that.

| 3) The recent patch to add ac power_supply is included.

OK I ask Balaji because I don't want to carry it as a local patch if
he's OK with the logic of including / selling it in the generic driver
for upstream.

| 4) I still have a hack to make the power button act as KEY_MENU when
| pressed/released before the 1S key interrupt.
| The plan is to still eliminate the need of #4 and hopefully #3 can make
| it in. Not sure what to do about difference in .config.

The .config thing we'll solve by integrating your module list into the
recommended packaging config... I really want to avoid any kind of
"android kernel" or "android config" and to do so will try to work with
the needs directly.

- -Andy

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