[PATCH] andy-tracking merge breakage

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Dec 4 12:59:55 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> It's hard now everything lives forever and it takes a long time to
> switch build config and back again to confirm what's building on GTA03
> as in this last instance didn't trash GTA02 build.

Hmm, maybe you need a bit more memory and ccache. When everything lives
in some cache, git-checkout is almost instantaneous and builds are
reasonably fast as well, about one minute for a kernel+modules build.

> Previously I would
> just fix it and rewrite the branch like it never existed, now each build
> problem will always exist in history, along with the fix subsequently.

Perhaps we need a little nazibot that only allows commits that
don't break the builds ? :)

Actually, git-bisect could use a "dunno" option in general.
Sometimes, even if the builds are perfect, you hit just some other
showstopper that keeps you from probing the problem you're chasing.

- Werner

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