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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi, lists:
|     Recently, I am trying to test suspend/resume auto recursively with a
| script that I wrote as here,
| This script uses wkalrm that's by Werner to wakeup the device. you can
| set a parameter to decide how many times you want to test. It's
| basically a while loop that with "wkalrm +5s && echo mem >
/sys/power/state" inside.
|     For now, I run it with the GTA02 daily kernel stable image, the
| result is very exciting, The device I tested is with sim card inside,
| and I test it with bluetooth and gps on, I tested it with 1000/2000/4000
| times test by running the script. The result is that all the tests were
| completed, and the device is still alive, can make a phone call.
|     So, It looks suspend/resume is very stable in stable branch.

Well it's pleasing to hear it but I think we find it's only true build
by build for the 2.6.24 / stable branch.  We know from experience if we
add some printks or change driver timing trouble will come.  These
problems are meant to be properly solved in andy-tracking.

Also, we know that different trouble can come according to the wake
source, so we had a lot of problems that only came if the wake source
was GSM unit for example.

|     For andy-tracking, I just tried using it to test, but now I met a
| problem from the beginning, the device can't be waked up by the rtc. I
| don't know what's the cause yet.  Any clue for this?

It matters when you last pulled andy-tracking... before this patch;a=commitdiff;h=5430bdb92ec379dd0cd4d52d80180efc0b79e92b

last night it was completely broken for resume for a day or so, but it
should be fine now.  About rtc wakeup specifically I never tried it...
if it's not the problem can you check dmesg looking for "wake enabled
for irq 53"?

|     Hi, Andy, do you have any plan about how I can do this kind of
test for
| andy-tracking image? For gta02, when will be likely andy-tracking the next
| stable/testing image? I am a newbie here.

Lately git is updating several times a day :-)  If you are using binary
images from I am updating it right now
and will keep doing so every day or so for the next while.

If RTC remains busted even with newer build let us know and we can look
more into it, however I know Balaji has tested it on andy-tracking
recently too so I am hoping this was just a broken tree when you tried it.

| Later I and Matt have a plan to improve this script, like testing the
| device in various and random different situation, recording the current
| value to check if the suspend really works. Even it could be used on
| manufacture line in factory.

For sure, but if you go down that path make sure to talk to Christopher
about his new scipt / test system.

In fact suspend / resume has been very scary thing, after a lot of
effort it is beaten into some kind of shape now and these automated
tests can provide very nice regression detection, so it is good to hear
you work on it.

- -Andy
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