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John Lee john_lee at
Fri Dec 5 16:37:03 CET 2008

On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 11:21:11AM +0000, Andy Green wrote:
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> Hi -
> On the trac bug about WSOD
> Nicolas Dufresne has sent into Trac a couple of patches that attack WSOD
> on his device by effectively disabling deep sleep mode on LCM ASIC.
> Other users and tried them on their affected device (not all devices
> exhibit this, annoyingly mine don't) and reported there that it's gone
> away by this change.
> Since yesterday I added his patches to the stable and stable-tracking
> branches.  So it's expected that we finally made some impact on WSOD on
> both 2.6.24 and .28 stuff thanks to Nicolas' work.
> The side effect of working around it by disabling deep sleep mode is
> that we burn a little power then in suspend we don't need to.  A few
> days ago I reviewed the new regulator mach-gta02.c setup while doing the
> boot_on stuff and changed LDO6 not to stay up.  To my surprise this
> trashes my LCM operation with "jazzy lines", the moment the power is
> taken and after resume, and just like WSOD behaviour this is sticky,
> surviving the alleged hard reset and reinit just as done at boot (which
> never ever exhibits WSOD on any machine interestingly).
> So the net result right now is WSOD is allegedly gone by Nicolas'
> patches, but suspend current is a little higher until we figure out the
> correct timing and sequencing to bring back the LCM after its power was
> taken (which again never ever fails at boot).
> - -Andy

I've been following the discussion and this is great news!

Shall I wait for the latter or change to the latest stable in testing?

- John

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