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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Hi Jeremy -

|>     Hi, Andy, I just tried the latest, rtc wakeup still has no response
|> here. Though I did see the "wake enabled for irq 53" in dmesg message.
|> even pressing power button, no response either.

How did you get "the latest", which branch did you checkout, which
config are you using and how did you build it?

|>     But if I make the device suspend by "apm -s" or pressing power
|> button, Then pressing power key has response but still can't resume
|> thoroughly either, instead, it comes a blank gray screen, with sometimes
|> LED keeping flashing,sometimes not, and it can respond the ping but ssh
|> can't work.

You'll need a debug board to capture the panic information in this case.

What I am doing is running in runlevel 3, so no X, and suspending by

echo mem > /sys/power/state

|>     I will go to study pmu code, and datasheet this weekend as a start
|> to know more about suspend/resume.

Well that's great, but I am rather wondering why we get such different
behaviours now.

- -Andy
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