Openmoko Bug #2162: Changing screen modes (QVGA) corrupted in stable-tracking

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Sat Dec 6 11:55:28 CET 2008

#2162: Changing screen modes (QVGA) corrupted in stable-tracking
 Reporter:  TimoJyrinki      |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel
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Component:  System Software  |        Version:  unspecified    
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 Using 2008.9 + self-compiled kernel
 f2b6b0b0b2d235457e0c69cfdbf4f66a12dc2c4e (stable-tracking). No problem if
 using stable kernel.

 Starting eg. Doom (rotated QVGA) results in a near-white screen, where one
 can see that it's actually VGA resolution with four identical QVGA
 rectangles with something that resembles the actual Doom play screen. See
 attached screenshot.

 This might be related to the WSOD bug #1841 and fixes done with it, since
 before the latest commit I got similarly corrupted screen even when just
 rotating the screen (Pingus, VGA rotated), but now with the cleaner WSOD
 fix Pingus seems to reliably start but the QVGA screen modes stay as a

 I mentioned in #1841 that after the cleanup patch I got different kind of
 screen, but now I'm again getting the original that the photo is about.
 The another kind of corruption had more darker appearance with stripes,
 and no clear indication about Doom being running on the screen.

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