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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> What it impacts is what we should test against.
| Exactly my point.
|> It's fine there are an
|> uncontrolled number of rootfs out there with random things in, but it
|> means I don't have time to test against them and rely on the users of
|> the rootfs to inform about problems.
| And that's exactly what we have in this case -- a report from a user.
|> It looks like Jeremy is planning to be "internal tester" for kernel on
|> whatever rootfs he prefers
| Great.  But let's not summarily dismiss the bug reports from others who
| choose not to use whatever rootfs that turns out to be.

Really.  Well, I'll give your wisdom about that some deep thought.

|> Does Android need APM or is this just FUD?
| Android was mentioned because it is a prominent example of an external
| rootfs that the Om kernel team seems to take seriously.  I *do* know for

So, just FUD.

| a fact that the FSO distro and the SHR distros both use apmd, and the
| rootfs' with the pre-canned Qtopia and the Qt Extended rootfs' both use
| apmd.  I'm not sure what the Debian rootfs uses, but I believe it to be
| apmd as well.

Hey you know that guy who writes the weekly Openmoko reports, even he
said 20th Oct:  ''I would like to make an unrequested announcement for
the sake of the good vertical communication:  Kernels currently has the
APM power management interface is still compiled in. This has been
deprecated for years and is doomed to go away. Hopefully apm -s will
still work for suspend, but userspace applications that still use the
deprecated apm interface SHOULD take action, preferably sooner than later.''

You know thinking about this 2.6.28 step up is probably the right time
to disable APM in the kernel completely if that's really a good idea.
There's already a bunch of attention needed for the move, and people in
all rootfs will be aware that this update is coming.  At the moment we
have APM emulation and CONFIG_APM_POWER in there, tomorrow I'll give it
a go with these disabled and see what blows up.

- -Andy
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