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Mon Dec 8 10:40:55 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Thanks for your commentary, you've set things completely straight here.
|  I've resisted forks for a long time, but there is no longer any point
| in continuing to work fighting an uphill battle.  Good luck with your
| plans to shove the current state of 2.6.28 down the users' throats.

Yes, since the first time I suggested months ago to you that you should
run your own fork of the kernel it was clear that's the only way you
were going to be happy, so it sounds good if you can stop backbiting
from the sidelines and put out what will be a legacy fork of your own.
When you set up your own git repo some weeks ago it was obvious that's
where you're headed and you have just been uniformly negative about
anything done here since.

As I said back then in private mail since it's a GPL world we will live
in each others' pockets sharing patches, let's hope after you are set up
and feel more secure you will find it possible to work together on stuff
of mutual interest without the acid.

- -Andy
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