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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Am 08.12.2008 um 12:56 schrieb Andy Green:
|> That is indeed useful.
|> What do you need up to get that, configs for apm emulation AND apm, AND
|> apmd?  I would have thought apmd at least wasn't needed?
| You are right on apmd, we should remove it from the default rootfs.
| Current ASU userspace is in need for apm emulation. FSO/Qtopia do not
| need apm emulation as the framework is initiating the suspend so the
| framework can do whatever it takes in preparation.

Alright, so the only thing we like is the /dev/apm_bios sequencer... it
sounds right because we have this opowerd in user side already.

We still need the configs for both APM and APM_EMULATION though to get
the sequencer?  If so the whole thing is moot on kernel side since we
have to have all the support just to get /dev/apm_bios.

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