GTA02 Interrupt storm from SDIO on suspend?

Andy Green andy at
Mon Dec 8 14:11:20 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Balaji told in the meanwhile he found an msleep(2000) kicking around in
|> there somewhere.
| Gotta love these :-) Is this still in the WLAN domain or has the
| suspect changed ?

''I saw a big fat mdelay(2000) in the suspend path in
drivers/ar6000/miscdrv/common_drv.c''  :-)

|> There's a lot changing underneath us at the moment with Ben Dooks' not
|> yet completed pm tree and Balaji stuff changing.
| Hmm, I'm a bit worried about the kernel being too unstable for
| userland people to be able to prepare for the "big switch". After
| the WSOD fix, things looked really promising for a moment.

Don't forget now we have a history, we can rewind behind it, fork, then
reapply the subsequent patches.  But I am hoping the various things
changing will get to where they are going shortly.

| If the switch just gets postponed over and over again, we'll lose
| momentum there. Reminds me of IPv6, where everybody seemed eager
| and ready in 1994. Then IETF did a major redesign and people just
| went away and "fixed" IPv4 instead.

I don't think we have that problem, but I'm glad everyone is having a
good time today talking through their hopes and fears.

| So ... what's the plan ? How would you feel about a freeze on
| risky changes for maybe a couple of weeks once Ben has finished
| the PM work, to let the dust settle and then make the switch ?

The only "switch" that matters to us I think is the default kernel in
our homegrown rootfses, I talked to John Lee earlier and we will do this
to the testing repo on this Friday.  That will get the ball rolling on
our side anyway.  Before then, if we're lucky we get some andy-tracking
kernel packages coming in unstable repo.

- -Andy
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