GTA02 Interrupt storm from SDIO on suspend?

Andy Green andy at
Mon Dec 8 23:41:25 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> So what funnies are left that you see?
| So far, those seem to be have been all the major regressions.
| The POWER-while-suspending problem (is this Matt's bug reborn ?)
| Balaji mentioned may be a regression as well.

Well, stable has this problem, so it's not a regression in that sense.
Matt thought it was killed by the move to level on pcf50633 though.

| Then we have the indecent A_MDELAYs, but they're not a new evil.
| I don't seem to get ar6000_wow storms. Not sure if the GPIO fixes
| made them vanished before I ever saw them.

Yes... so compared to stable then the only things that are still known
to have trouble are pm_bt vs regulator, and saving glamo LCD controller
state on suspend, neither of which should be that tough.  I'm sure fresh
trouble will get discovered but I think that's true as it stands.

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