[PATCH 2/3] S3C24xx: make GPIOs end at H10

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Dec 8 23:56:22 CET 2008

Ben Dooks wrote:
> If this code was going to live in the kernel for more than a revision,
> I'd ask for it to be dependant on the cpu version, however I will try
> and sort out scrubbing the old s3c24xx gpio code out and moving completley
> to gpiolib as soon as possible.

Cool ! One of the reasons why I didn't get particularly ambitious with
generalizing things is that it all looked very much like work in
mid-progress, and it would be kinda rude to disturb a construction
site while the workers are at the pub ;-)

By the way, speaking of patches, there are two fixes I sent you a
while ago and I'm not sure whether you have picked them up:

1) The fix for the 24xx SDIO hang if trying to transfer more than the
   FIFO size. (Posted twice to linux-arm-kernel, Oct 30 and Nov 18, cc
   to you. )

2) The set of 2440 NAND non-word size fixes that prevent ECC trouble.
   (Extensively belaboured on openmoko-kernel, last set of patches
   posted Nov 03.)

Are they merrily on their way upstream or is there more I have to do
to get them moving ?

- Werner

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