Howto build Android kernel

Sean McNeil sean at
Tue Dec 9 08:27:35 CET 2008

Hi Rui,

I carry around a small patch that hacks in the menu button until I can 
figure out how to gracefully add the capability into Android. There is 
also some configuration changes that I use to include functionality into 
the kernel. Android can load kernel modules, but I tend to prefer not 
using them at this time.

Attached you'll find the change and config I use for the Android kernel.


Rui Castro wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to build a kernel for Android using
> original/andy-tracking branch.
> I managed to compile the kernel and boot from it, but i'm missing
> something, because the my kernel prints lots of log messages and the
> button mapping seems to be wrong.
> Android starts and when I press the menu button it goes into suspend
> which is expected in other distributions, but not in Android, right?
> I think I missing the right config file.
> Can someone help me on this?
> Rui

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