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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi Rui,
| I carry around a small patch that hacks in the menu button until I can
| figure out how to gracefully add the capability into Android. There is
| also some configuration changes that I use to include functionality into
| the kernel. Android can load kernel modules, but I tend to prefer not
| using them at this time.
| Attached you'll find the change and config I use for the Android kernel.

Balaji and Sean, is there something we can do to integrate this patch?
For example platform callback to implement the action in mach_gta02.c
and just take on the interrupt mapping and private data?  Would it need
to have the functionality enabled by /sys or somesuch because it muddles
up the normal semantics?

On the config, the diff between this and the gta02 moredrivers one are

Just changes to built-in from module already (fine):




NFS support (fine)


Kill Framebuffer console add logo:

- -CONFIG_FONT_6x11=y



New / changed features (fine):


Prefer existing setting (shouldn't impact)


So I can change to all of these except the last ones which I don't think
matter for Android, and the "kill framebuffer and add logo" stuff...
what happens if we leave the framebuffer console support in for Android,
something bad?

- -Andy
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