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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I know we want to see everything into the kernel for Android, but I'm
| not sure if this is desired. It would most certainly impact how things
| work on other distros and there should be a way to deal with it inside
| of Android. I just haven't found it yet. If we do want to add it in for
| the time being, then yeah a /sys switch to change the default behavior
| would work. I can writeup a change to add that.  I'm not sure if my

What I am thinking is that "android config" and "android patches" will
take root if we don't fold them back into the one kernel.  Then we'll
want it for GTA03 and suddenly there's two kernels for that too and
before long our heads are exploding.

Using the /sys switch for android only and keeping the existing defaults
will not impact anything on other distros but still allow the stock
kernel builds to do whatever it is you would build.  When you find a
better way we can pull it out and the only thing that cared was the
Android rootfs that used it, and you can update that the same time.

| change is 100% correct, for that matter, as I can't get shutdown if I
| hold the key for 8 seconds or longer.

I leave that for Balaji...

| Great. These might change further when I manage to get GPRS working for
| real. Still not quite there yet.

Fine, just let me know what you've changed as it goes on and we'll take
it in if it doesn't make trouble.

|> NFS support (fine)
| This is only really needed for testing with a chroot environment. Not
| necessary for typical use.

OK I will leave these out then.


| With the console support and log messages that come out of both Android
| and the kernel it causes serious visual issues. Constant flipping back
| to the console to display logs and then it usually doesn't repaint
| properly when it goes back.

Can we find another way to attack that than knocking out the famebuffer
console?  It'll obviously make trouble for people that have it now and
like having it.

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