Question about AT commands and how they are issued through the kernel

Jeff Bickford tassadar27 at
Fri Dec 12 03:28:26 CET 2008

Hello.  I am working on an independent study research project at my school
with the openmoko phone and for the first step we are trying to do something
like place a phone call using a kernel module.  I have been trying to figure
out the basic flowchart of how a phone call is made and where the kernel
comes into play.  I am using the 2008.9 distribution on the Freerunner.  I
know that the Qtopia stack is used to manage phone calls.  My confusion
comes in when thinking about how Qtopia talks to the devices.  At somepoint
the software has to talk to the kernel and use the device driver for the gsm
modem.  Am I correct in thinking that a call is made by sending some command
to the device driver?  I have read how a phone call is made in Qtopia and in
the last step an AT command is sent to the gsm device.  My question is where
are these AT commands sent through the kernel?  In the end we are trying to
send these AT commands to the gsm modem by loading a kernel module.  If
anyone can help or can even tell me if this is possible or not it would be
greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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