location for 2.6.28 kernel patches ?

Mirko Vogt lists at nanl.de
Thu Dec 25 15:54:17 CET 2008


as I see in the git-log of the kernel-branch, there happens much regarding the new kernel 2.6.28 and openmoko.
Actually I'm searching for sth. like it was done for stable-2.6.24 - a repository/location, where all the atomar kernel-patches are stored (http://svn.openmoko.org/branches/src/target/kernel/2.6.24.x/patches/).
I searched some time to find such a location for patches which apply against the actual kernel 2.6.28 but didn't find nothing, so I cloned the linux-2.6 repo, switched to the andy-tracking branch and tried to extract all the patches from git via <git-format-patch origin/master> which results in exactly 626 (!) patches.
Every commit is listed as patch - it's nearly impossible to follow and understand what exactly happened / what was the intention of that commit.

Is there a location where all the atomar patches related to kernel 2.6.28 / Openmoko are stored?

Thanks a lot and merry christmas and that stuff ;)

mirko (the other one)

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