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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi @all,
| I would like to join the devteam for the openmoko devices. I do have
| experience concerning driver development on embedded devices and made
| some userspace software too.
| I do not want to waste my time. So where is work required? I could
| imagine to work on a general joystick-device abstraction module that
| uses the accelerator devices as input and offers /dev/jsX device
| files to the userspace.

Hi Jens -

Thanks for thinking to help :-)

About the joystick "module", the issue there would be getting the data
out of the accelerometers in a nice way I guess.  The lis302dl driver
just shoves the data down input event interfaces (while anyone has them
open), and does it in an ISR.

But, it seems quite reasonable to map accelerometer to joystick, maybe
the way to come at that is add a Kconfig for this feature and put it
into the lis302dl driver.

Just a tip please patch against andy-tracking rather than stable.

- -Andy

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