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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
| Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| | Hi all,
| |
| | I have installed android on a freerunner and I don't understand why the
| | wpa_supplicant doesn't work when it try
| | to scan network. I see at the code and the SIOCSIWSCAN is implemented.
| |
| | I take a look at the code, what is the open issue?
| Where did this kernel come from and what does /proc/version say?
|> Linux version 2.6.28-GTA02_koolu_a68394f09592d151-mokodev
|> (michael at panicking) (gcc version 4.1.2) #4 PREEMPT Wed Dec 31 11:10:10
|> CET 2008
|> The version is take from the koolu repository and I think that is
|> aligned with the stable version (look at
|> the git).
|> I can put some debug stuff in the wireless driver and see if the ioctl
|> is regulary called.

I doubt it's much to do with our stable, which is still 2.6.24.  It
looks like andy-tracking from about 20 days ago.;a=summary

Marcelo, we should have Android stuff enabled and almost completely
working in our gta02 configs down ./arch/arm/configs/, the only
difference is that we leave up the framebuffer console.

I'd really like to avoid having YAKB (Yet Another Kernel Binary) because
when we consider the number of targets we will hopefully end up
supporting, it's going to double the number of kernel binaries
singlehanded.  And as you can see I dunno what to do if someone turns up
asking why something is busted.

I don't particularly like having YAFFS (and Sean told it wasn't actually
necessary) but if it is necessary I am willing to carry it as a local
patch directly.

The other two open issues are:

~ - Android should be able to coexist with framebuffer console, it seems
we need some way to ask it not to switch away to last VC written to

~ - The menu patch can go in our tree directly if someone just adds some
code to make it defeated by default but able to be enabled by the rootfs
presumably down /sys, only Android would do that

If we can solve those we can really reduce your patchset down to nothing
so stock kernels from here will do what you need.

- -Andy
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