Freerunner android wifi

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Dec 31 15:35:58 CET 2008

michael wrote:
> - sometimes it gives: eth0      Failed to read scan data : Resource  
> temporarily unavailable

With iwlist scan, this would indicate that it didn't find any stations.
According to the output in your previous mail, they appear to be very
weak, so it may well happen that they sometimes disappear completely.

They're also on the same channel, which isn't helping. If you can
reconfigure one of them, better put it on channel 1 or >= 11. See also

> It applies a timeout of 2 seconds for the answer. Maybe the  
> completantion code on ar6000 driver
> wait more than 2 seconds?

If it declares complete defeat already after 2 seconds, that could
also explain some problems, yes. Maybe this is just the final straw it
takes in an already difficult network situation.

But it seems that the principal problem are the weak signals.

- Werner

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