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I agree that it would be best to have a single kernel tree for all
Freerunner derived distributions, and Marcelo and I will help work towards
that with Openmoko with respect to Android.

What we would like to see though, is a greater effort in the following
-Determine a tagging structure so that testing can take place at
well-defined points in development. There has been much change in certain
branches (particularly andy-tracking), causing some regressions in
particular areas (ie: charging).
-Determine a method of testing of new kernels allowing to find any
regressions in functionality
-Documentation of the status of the kernel, and the stability of the various

In addition, I would like to explore how we might start to push some of the
Openmoko code back to the kernel mainline via the kernel staging branch. The
issue lies in being able to cross-pollinate the changes from Android into
the kernel as well as those for the Openmoko kernel.

What's driving this is the demand from our customers to have staged kernels
with well defined and tested subsystems.

Brian Code
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