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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> I've a comment about having SD turned off during suspend mode, how does
> this affect the users running OpenMoko from the SD-card rather than NAND?

I think this answer right now is "Dunno".

As it stands we don't actually make that decision to take power from the
SD Card, the MCI stack in Linux is sending our Glamo MMC driver a
request to pull power on suspend.  Linux also goes through the steps
itself to unregister the block device for the card and recognize it
fresh on resume.

Before suspend, quite early there is a "sync" action to flush stuff but
I didn't see any umount type action, maybe it just happens quietly
because I didn't see any noise about FS trashing.  But it is VFAT on the
cards rather than anything more complicated.

It does re-recognize the card I saw before on resume and recreate the
block device for the card and partitions.  The question is if the mount
action is done and what happened to apps that had handles open on the
thing... esp when the filesystem is the root filesystem.

Thismorning the A5 I have acts strange with shutting itself down
randomly so I made a note on our task list to examine this question later.

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