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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy,
>> Thismorning the A5 I have acts strange with shutting itself down
>> randomly so I made a note on our task list to examine this question
>> later.
> Is it shutting itself down when running from battery?
> Try running from USB and see whether you have the same problem there.

Hi Wolfgang -

Thanks for the pointer I added a note on that issue #15 on the Wiki.

My normal setup is 1 x laptop USB -> Debug board, 1 x laptop USB ->
neo1973 USB, since a couple of weeks I also fit a battery because I saw
it changed the power glitch behaviour.

> Whenever you run into what you believe is a hardware problem, can you
> add that incident to
> Erin had a similar shutdown problem (see #15 on the wiki page), Matt is
> currently looking into it.
> Can you get in touch with Matt/Erin to find out whether you have the
> same problem or a different one?

It sounds like the same issue, really the same issue we never pinned
down on A4 PMU overcurrent I think.

- -Andy
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